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An Internship is a programme designed to give University and Universities of Technology graduates an opportunity to extend their academic qualifications through structured workplace exposure and specialised training.

Participants are placed on a full-time basis for a period of eight to twelve months in stakeholder companies and government organisations, the purpose of which is to provide the learner with workplace experience that builds on the qualification. The MICT Seta utilises the concept of Internships to fast track high level skills, to offer needed work experience to unemployed graduates and to empower graduates with practical knowledge commensurate with their qualification.

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Internship focuses on practical training; the employer determines the duration and content of the Internship, so it can vary greatly; and the specific outcomes are not defined or regulated as in the case of Learnerships. Internships are ideal for graduates or those with tertiary qualifications but who lack experience. The primary benefit for the graduate learner includes obtaining “real world” workplace experience.

We have successfully hosted many interns over the past 3 years and each group has grown immensely in skill and personality, stepping out of their comfort zone and fulfilling their passion as filmmakers, editors, content creators and rentals assistants.

They have all explored in each context, learning new skills, growing comfortable and finding a love for what appeals to them. Our interns are well rounded and equipped to direct, produce and shoot on various levels and projects, as well as record audio, set up accessories, multi cams and lighting. They are also trained in editing to prepare them to be proficient all-round filmmakers and pursue further careers in the industry.

Below are some of the things you will learn in our internship programme.